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11-26-2010, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by Feanor12345 View Post
And galleys were a simple proven design for over 2 millenia, but no one in WW2 thought it was a good idea to bring them back. Funny that. I suppose they could've upgraded them, given them engines, some better sails, guns, but then it wouldn't be a galley any more, so they'd call it something else, like 'Akira' or 'Excalibur'. Those are some pretty good names for re-imagined versions of older ships.
Yes, send in the galleys! Ramming speed! Here we go again with the old boat anology. I have an idea let's take pre-WW2 ships, retrofit them and use them in battle in a current conflict.........oh wait.

Haters ganno hate I tell ya.