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11-26-2010, 06:43 AM
Originally Posted by SolidNuetronium
The naysayers have no valid reason to naysay, bottom line. The federation is fighting a shooting war in 5-6 fronts. They need to crank out simple proven designs. Quality through quantity, it works.

Like they say; "haters gonna hate".
We have one valid reason that trumphs all.
It is 100% uncanon, its not even soft canon.

And allow me to laugh at your flawed "proven design" arugment.
Sure they are proven, proven with 22nd and 23rd century Technology, not proven with 24th or 25th.
Not to mention the old designs would be vastly inferior than 24th century designs, otherwise there would be no reason to design new ships.

ENT and TOS ships would snap like twigs, 24th century ships would not as there is the ongoing trend of more robust and compact designs that make them fare more durable.