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11-26-2010, 06:58 AM
So you can't argue with what I said? Whats wrong with the old boat analogy? I was pointing out that because something was proven in its own time doesn't mean its proven now.

Your other mistake is in assuming that the Connie and the NX were in fact simple and proven. The Connie was used for quite a while, so I'll grant it proven, but we don't know how long the NX was used for. We also have no idea how simple they were, for all you know they were both pains in the ass to build.

In soft canon, the NX was being phased out in the Romulan war due to its high cost to build. That means it was launched in 2151 and dumped in 2156, a mere 5 years. Hardly simple and proven at all.
Not fueling either side of the argument. Just giving some facts. The NX ran for 10 years in space. The NX was retired and put into the SF museum when the crew returned from their last mission, just before Archer gave his speech at the signing in 2161. The other NXs probably were still active after that: they didn't all get retired and put into museums.