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11-26-2010, 07:27 AM
Originally Posted by SolidNuetronium
1) The game is not canon, the devs say it and everyone knows it. To invoke canon/uncanon is pointless.

2) Modern materiel and techniques are used to build these so modern equipment would not be a problem.

3) You misunderstand, these ships would be built alongside new designs to bolster the fleet.
Your right, the game is not canon, its based on canon, you don't create a game based on a franchise and then completely ignore the established canon.
But many Cryptic just needs approval from CBS for every single thing they do, every single ship they add, just for the fun of it.

Clearly you also do not know anything about materials and construction.
Materials can compensate fair amount but they will never be able to overcome inherent flaws in an old design.
That is assuming Starfleet even has any new materials that would be dramaticly different from what they had decades ago, as the materials used have changed little over 200 years.
The NX-01 used Duranium in its hull construction as did the Intrepid class over 200 years later.

There is no concievable reason why Starfleet would ever mass produce new productions of ancient relics, something which they did not even do by the 24th century.