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11-26-2010, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by SolidNuetronium
1) The game is not canon, the devs say it and everyone knows it. To invoke canon/uncanon is pointless.
This makes no sense at all, just because the game is not canon they should not draw on the canon of the shows? Can we add wings to Romulans then? Can we bring back Kirk as a 50m tall robot? Can we get Daleks added to the game? None of this is canon, and neither is the game!

2) Modern materiel and techniques are used to build these so modern equipment would not be a problem.
Granted, but it would probably require a redesign of the ships to use new materials, and that redesign would be taking time away from other important things they could be doing.

3) You misunderstand, these ships would be built alongside new designs to bolster the fleet.
And every old design built would be taking up space in the shipyards that could be better used building new designs.