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11-26-2010, 09:02 AM
Originally Posted by Bsranger View Post
I don't think they should be able to. That is correct. What I believe (and this is MY personal opinion) is being asked for is the ability to make those ships PLAYABLE at higher levels instead of being space junk. I think I have stated before that BO's and player ships do nothing to create any type of attachment. Picking a ship and being able to keep it through your career would be very starfleet ish in my opinion.
Being able to keep it doesn't mean it should become more powerful, though. Picard was the captain of the Stargazer for 22 years. He called it an underpowered ship. There's nothing wrong with flying an underpowered ship. My new alt is flying an NX all the way to Admiral. I'm currently Lt. Cmdr 5. Choosing to fly a ship throughout your career doesn't mean you should also get to be as good as players who want to keep upgrading to new ships with more advanced tech and abilities. Because that's what you're really wanting: your ship to be just as good as every other ship even though it is outdated.