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11-26-2010, 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
I am curious as to how/why FFA would force people into a specific build.
It's not a specific build, it's a subset of builds:
- team healing abilities obviously become useless.
- tanks can stay alive, but obviously not kill things - that won't win anything unless your opponent dies of boredom.
- healer builds can be outspiked/stunned and killed.
- glass cannons are a very stupid idea.

So you ended up with every player specced with some spike, some healing, some defence. There was 'variety', but essentially a specific number of builds that were better than the others (especially anyone stupid enough to spec for consistency/role-playing). I suspect the dictionary definition of 'flavour of the month' involves CO pvp...

In terms of the game, PvP-FFA specs were not good for PvE team-play, and PvE team-play specs were utterly worthless in FFA.

Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
I do agree, to a certain point, with your last quote. Arena matches are nice, but more maps like the one suggested in this thread would be cool too.
Personally, team-deathmatch is a great idea for competitive play, but a seriously poor idea for PuG PvP.

Absolutely *key* to pvp is that a new player can join a game and feel useful, even if they suck. In team-deathmatch they feel like a liability (hell, they *are* a liability). On the other hand it is simple, and most players don't take PvP that seriously...