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11-26-2010, 09:14 AM
Originally Posted by Grox View Post
Personanly I would like to see some newer designs by Cryptic to fit the bill of the time. Move on with the story. I loved seeing the classic stuff, but I'm getting over it.
I agree with you. Let's look at the short list of upcoming ships:

Oberth T1 (science starter)
Ambassador T4 variant
Vesta, probably T3/T5
Vulcan D'Kyr, NX era
Andorian, don't know time period but probably NX era design

The Vesta is the only modern design forthcoming, and in canon it would be nearly 30 years old by the STO timeline.

The game really needs to get back to its roots and focus more on the 25th century it's supposed to be about, IMO.