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11-26-2010, 09:44 AM
Trick 3

Know who your writing for in advance.

If your writing for a casual player or a hardcore RP player, or a hard canon player you need to
employ the right mechanics in your mission.

Making players go down to the tranporter room to advance the mission...once for flavor
safe move
Making the player use the transported every single time ?
RP and canon will be fine....the casual, not so much

getting every bit of techno babble right
canon will love it
RP will like it
Casual will not notice
Still a safe move

making a combat centric mission with very little npc interaction
ok with the casual
if it stays canon, ok with them
RP group will be disappointed

Now the real trick.........find out what kinda mission style your best at: RP,Canon,Casual ect.
and stick with it. Then you will develope a fan base that likes that
particular style.
If you keep switching styles, it will take longer to get a fan base.