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11-26-2010, 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by CaptMattSchwab
The key is, people have to wrap their minds around not seeing these refits as "equal" to other T5 ships. I think the B'Rel does a fantastic job of bringing a lower tier ship up to T5, without unbalancing against the other T5 ships, and should be the model for the Refits of Starfleet's T2 ships.
The idea behind the "nay sayers" (I think) is that it's very tricky to refit a clunker and not give it powers that are seemingly near magical and out of place both in PVE and PVP .

I agree with you that at the beginning of the game you take out top-of-the-line enemy ships in T1 & T2 clunkers . However , the difference is that those ships (your ships) were not outfitted with uber powers , it was the enemies you fought were of weaker caliber .
And there is a huge difference there .

The B'Rel was given a "special power" that sorta equalized it's hull weaness , but if I play it against PVE or PVP enemies , I have to suspend dis-belief that this ship can survive the harshness of T5 , just as if I now replay the game from the start , I have to roll my eyes at all the Negh'Vars that I cream in my T1-T2 ships .
Because it's not realistic , not in T1-T2 , and nor would it be realistic to get creamed in PVP by a T5 Connie .

OTOTH I belive in giveing the ppl what they want , the question is what is it they want ?

Weak T5 ships with "classic" skins (and a low abilitie/slot count) , or T5 ships with full T5 abilities / slot counts ?
The latter has some ppl up in arms .

I'm wondering if it's possible to get both ?