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11-26-2010, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by Robotrik1 View Post
The idea behind the "nay sayers" (I think) is that it's very tricky to refit a clunker and not give it powers that are seemingly near magical and out of place both in PVE and PVP .
But here's the thing. You see these same people, nay say against ships like the Nova, Excalibur and Sabre, because of the so called "clunker" ships.

The Nova, Excalibur and Sabre are not clunker ships. I've even pointed out that these ships are often times newer than other ships that got T5 treatment.

I'd be fine with a weak T5 (like the B'Rel) for the Nova, Excalibur and Sabre. I've even said in the past if the TOS Connie and NX simply couldn't be included, I could understand that. But that's because I'm willing to give a little. The opposition, is not. They would block ships like the Nova, Sabre, Akira, and Olympic, just to keep the TOS Connie and NX out of the top too. Simple solution. Allow for the Refit of Tier 2 and 3, and lock down Tier 1.

But the nay sayers don't see it that way. All they see is NO, even when their NO is directed at something that there is no reason it couldn't be a YES.