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11-26-2010, 04:00 PM
Really? This thread again? This is getting a competition between this topic and the Fed carriers, doesn't it?

Look, one more time, since apparently some people still did not understand it:

My opinion = I do not "hate" the NX. I liked Enterprise as a series (even still wish they'd do a 5th season), and I like the ship's design. That, however, does not change the fact that it simply does not belong into a game set in the year 2409:

It's a violation in style, as the ship does stand out from the rest and people do associate it with a completely different era. As well as you do yourself when you try to make it look even more in the 2150s with your ENT uniforms), so stop giving us this crap about it supposedly fitting into this year when you make every effort not to.

It is also a violation in canon: Yes, you can try to find excuses such as the "replica" stuff, but bottom line is that they are too easily discernible as being just that - excuses. There is no valid reason why Starfleet should invest resources into reconstructing clearly outdated designs when they have far more advanced ship plans available. A ship's shape does affect its efficiency during warp, including the stress on its hull and SIF grid. In addition to this, it is also directly connected to the destabilization of subspace caused by ships travelling at high warp. Why the khest do you think Starfleet switched to building stuff like triangular shaped hulls and angular nacelles and variable geometry pylons in the first place? Just because it looked fancy? Whilst that might apply to the studio decision, there are canon reasons behind it, and your proposal is completely ignoring this.

Don't let STO get turned into a game governed by excuses instead of atmosphere. It's already gone too far, anyways, where would you stop? Clearly, compromises such as the replica are still not enough.

Alternatively I would wish for a developer-implemented option to client-side change the appearance of other players' ships and characters, so that it at least looks fitting on one's own end. That'd even allow you folks to turn "futuristic" ships into contemporary models befitting the timeline you seem to prefer as well as determined to force into this game and upon other players. Win-win?

Originally Posted by CaptMattSchwab
Could the naysayers get behind an idea like that though?
You should rather ask if the yaysayers could get behind it. I doubt it.