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11-26-2010, 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by Valias
You should rather ask if the yaysayers could get behind it. I doubt it.
I think you would find the "yaysayers" could get behind my idea, more so than the "naysayers."

Thus far, the "yaysayers" have been more about compromise. I will grant you that there are extremists that are dead set on a T5 TOS Connie or NX. But there are alot of moderates in this debate as well.

But thus far, I have yet to see a moderate on the NO side of this equation.

If the naysayers could find some middle ground, using a compromise solution as I've proposed on many occasions, I think you'd see the moderates drift towards that. Because a little something is better than nothing.

You'd still have the T5 TOS Connie and NX extremists, but they would suddenly become the minority, as the moderates and the naysayers, would have already agreed on an acceptable compromise.

If I could get my hands on a T3 TOS Connie, I'd be plenty happy. Would I love a T5 version instead? Sure! But I could settle for a T3, because the boost would be enough to allow me to have the fun I want, without unbalancing the game.

That's why I ask if the naysayers could get behind a compromise like this. Because if they can, then you'd find the moderates are much more likely to side with you, and be happy with what they can get, rather than being pushed into the extremist end of the spectrum because they get no compromise from the naysayer camp.