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Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
As I said above, no one would accept that a TOS Constitution could defeat a Sovereign, Galaxy, Ambassador, Excelsior, or even a TMP Constitution refit if they saw it happen in canon.
While I agre with you , I'll give you three examples from DS9 "Way of The Warrior" :

- When seeing "Fleet Flight" of the Kling fleet toward DS9 , you can clearly see tiny BOPs next to much larger BOPs .

- When the Defiant rescues Dukat and the Detapa Council , they face a Vorcha and a BOP .
It's pretty clear tha the BOP is pretty ineffectual againast thee Defiant , yet it keeps on fireing .

- During the Big Battle at the end , you do see DS9 taking out certin BOPs with "one shot / I win" shots .
Just one shot !

My poin is (I think ) that tho the smaller BOPs may be small , ineffectual against "current tech" and apperntly quite out dated , they are still in service for reasons that are not explained to us , the viewers .
I have no problem with the lack of explanation ...,the only problem I have if you will is the lack of use of older fed ships in modern trek shows .

Because it should work bouth ways ... -- if the Klings keep old tech arround because they see use for it , why not the feds ?

But as I said , older ships would need "Magic Powers" to keep up with modern ships in PVP .
Or ... we could consider that older tech is much bulkyer (TOS tech was certinly bulky) -- and in the small bodie of a refit you could cram a whole lot more MODERN TECH (including armor) because morern tech (consiles and such) would be a lot smaller .

The only question is power ...