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11-26-2010, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
You're going to need to do better than those three lines to make this for the stuff at the bottom those are wishlist items (i.e. new suggestions). Did a ninja edit to rearrange it to make it more clear.

Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
  • Del Taco Type 8 Shuttlecraft
  • Red Matter Capacitor (especially since this is equivalent to EPS Power Transfer)
  • Automated Defense Turret
  • TR-116A Rifle
  • Forward Phaser Bank and Rear Phaser Bank Set (would be nice on Excelsior maybe)
  • Neodymium Deflector Dish
  • Multi-Spatial Personal Shield
  • Chromodynamic Armor
Shuttlecraft: A pet... a useless one at that... Knock yourself out.

Red matter capacitor: If this one levels, it would eventually add up to +25 to all systems (if memory serves it pr default (T0) adds +5, so 5 tiers would probably end up somewhere between 15 and 25 extra). I'd call that gamebreaking. Big time.

Automated Defence Turret: Using this one only (no other plasma weapons), I completed the entire Plasma space damage Accolade before I hit Lt. Cmdr. Pr default it does 46 DPS (i think) If this one leveled up with the captain it would prob end up at around 200 or more... Sure you cant target anything specific with it, but still... Would be gamebreaking.
Pr expirience though it is very handy at taking out mines, Plasma Torpedoes and Tricobalt devices. Trust me: It is good as it is.

TR-116A Rifle: It should be obvious why this would be gamebreaking if it leveled with the captain. In PvP this would be devastating to the oppersite team.

Forward Phaser Bank and Rear Phaser Bank Set: I take it you mean the TOS ones.... As there are already equal items like this in the game i have no issue with this.

Neodymium Deflector Dish: no clue what this does, so i have no opinion.

Multi-Spatial Personal Shield: as previous statement.

Chromodynamic Armor: Considering the strenght this armor has, this would again unbalance PvP if it leveld with the captain. I have it as well and it served me all the way to commander, better than anything the game could provide.

I am suggesting you are biased because you want theese things, and I understand your position, but theese items were intended to give you an enjoyable start into the game, not serve you all the way through.
If you want them the way they are now, fine with me... I mean most of the other pre-order stuff is already in the C-Store, but they shouldn level up with you.