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11-26-2010, 11:09 PM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
I'm good with Mission Replay and UGC for now to help fill the content gap. I'd like to see Cryptic take advantage of this slightly lowered demand and do more stuff like weeklies, bug cleanup, and C-store stuff.

There's some severe game design issues as well but that's another thread.

As for the items at infinite level:
  • RMC: You already get EPS Power Transfer as an Engineer which gives you +25 to all systems for 30ish seconds. Not gamebreaking, sorry.
Thats exactly the point: You get this ONLY by being a engineer (or having choosen it from preorder). It is class specific, and adding that particular device would not only take away somthing from that class, but also add a advantage to people with too much money. Now if the item remains at it's current settings (hence not leveling with you) I am fine with it in the C-Store, but not if it levels.

Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
  • Automated Defence Turret: Will take your word for it, ok. But would be nice to jailbreak this for the masses.
Ya... This would greatly help people in Terradome... again... it shouldn level.

Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
  • TR-116A: Don't understand how this is obviously game-breaking? It's just another rifle as far as I can see.
You don't???? A weapon that pr default can shoots through walls? You REALLY don't see how that is game breaking? Imagine if a whole team had theese weapons and the other didn... They could just stay hidden throughout the entire match.

Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
  • Chromodynamic Armor: I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on this too but again would be nice to jailbreak this.
Sure... in it's default form, to help you get started I can only support this one...

It comes down to your suggestion that they should level... I hate that idea. I have no issues with people being able to buy theese thing from the C-store (well actually I do, but I accept that it will happen eventually) to give new chars a good start in the game, but making them level just adds unfair advantages in high end play, especially PvP.

You may have the cash to vaste on digital stuff but not everyone does. This stuff is overpowered for it's level, but where it is atm it dosn't make much diffrence, becasue you can barely PvP down there. So eventually Star Trek Online would become a game of "who has the most money".

Leave them as they are, and add them to the C-Store... That's OK, but no leveling.