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11-27-2010, 06:17 AM
I'm not sure if i really like that idea... Now and then it would be nice, but usually I like beeing a CAPTAIN of ONE SHIP, thats star trek for me, not flying through the galaxy with complete fleets all the time.

However, if such a system comes it should have a point system. Just "X amount of TX ships or X on rank X" sounds bad.... I mean a fleet would not be limitet to 1 tier. So give every ship a value....

Would mean (for exampe) you can take ships with an over all value of 100. A Miranda has a Value of 20, a defaint of 45... an Akira of 35 and a souverign 55. You could not take all the ships a once but you can take the souverign and the defaint OR a fleet with 2 Mirandas and a souverign or 2 Akiras and 1 miranda ect ect ect....