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11-27-2010, 11:41 PM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
I wanted to take advantage of the sale but...there's zero that I'm interested in.

What would be nice to add to the store, ESPECIALLY now that the game's been out almost a year. All the preorder folks have certainly gotten their money's worth at this point. This is a shamelessly easy revenue generator. No more than 240 points each please!
  • Del Taco Type 8 Shuttlecraft
  • Red Matter Capacitor (especially since this is equivalent to EPS Power Transfer)
  • Automated Defense Turret
  • TR-116A Rifle
  • Forward Phaser Bank and Rear Phaser Bank Set (would be nice on Excelsior maybe)
  • Neodymium Deflector Dish
  • Multi-Spatial Personal Shield
  • Chromodynamic Armor

Make all these items level up with the player (infinity symbol). Alternately if you don't want them in the C-Store, dump them on the lifetimers. But none of these are gamebreakers.

I would argue that flooding the game with Breen BOs (serving on Federation starships no less ) is miles more gamebreaking than these few devices. Going forward, for the weeklies, your "big gift" should be an infinite level item like this and other items should be little trinkets that are interesting collector's items but not necessarily useful. And one per week please, at this rate we'll all need wayyy more inventory space.

The bottom line is you're giving out a little too much "stuff" and you need to stretch the assets you already have.
This is ridiculous. You contradict yourself at every turn.

If there's nothing left in the C-Store you want to buy, well, you should have waited until the sale before you went and bought everything. Now you expect the developers to turn over our pre-order and lifetime rewards to you?

The sad thing is they probably will so they can turn you over for an extra few bucks.