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# 4 The ACI
11-28-2010, 09:02 AM
Hello Captain Smith,

I hope your search for a fleet has gone well, but if you are still searching I would suggest you visit the Alpha Centauri Institute.

We are an active RP fleet and have just re-opened our recruiting. All players hold any RP rank they wish, up to Captain, regardless of actual in-game rank. Your ship, its crew, and your character's style and assignments are your own.

We run regular in-game RP in casual settings and host RP episodes built around game elements. With the upcoming release of the Foundry our commitment to RP will only grow. We also encourage Forum RP to explore more detailed and nuanced aspects of your character and our community. And we encourage members to flesh out their character's history and relations on our Guild wiki.

Please visit our site and review our regulations and procedures to see if the ACI is a good fit for you.

~~Fleet Captain Telev, signed.