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11-28-2010, 10:54 AM
Originally Posted by FlipORican View Post
I would like to see additional pets offered such as Data's cat "Spot" or just a Somali cat; Janeway's dog "Molly" or just an Irish Setter; and Archer's dog "Porthos" or just a Beagle. Also, add the option to leave the pet behind.

Having the pet can add some kind of ground trait to the character like
Somali cat = Stubborn or Creative;
Beagle = Acute Senses or Lucky;
Irish Setter = Peak health or Sure Footed.
...or a whole new Ground Trait.

For example, Human Characters are given:
Leadership: +15% repair rate
Teamwork: +5% exploit damage

Then you can pick 2 additional traits only. Having a pet can give them an additional ground trait in case the two trait chosen earlier are space traits that they picked or they want to stack more additional ground traits. Now you can purchase a pet that can add a ground trait when taken on away missions.
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