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I have been slowly playing since the game launched and in the last few months attained the rank of Rear Admiral, Lower Half. I have discovered the rank breaks immersion and is quite cumbersome; it makes dialogues unnecessarily winded and detracts from the experience as a whole. I decided to do some research to see if there were real life parallels and discovered most real English speaking navies use the title of Commodore. It seems that in 1983 the US Navy changed the rank of Commodore to RA, LH, in order to settle a pay dispute with the other Armed Services.

Considering most real life navies use titles such as commodore, that Star Trek is supposed to be a an idyllic portrayal of all the worlds’ nations working together, and the rank unnecessarily complicated: I propose the rank of Rear Admiral, Lower Half, be changed to Commodore, with appropriate changes to Rear Admiral, Upper Half.

~ WilliamKinglsey