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11-29-2010, 01:08 AM
Originally Posted by MaQogh
Now I'm all for a REAL dreadnought for the feds. Eventually the carrier haters will realize that a big ship with no turn rate is not the best thing out there and quit whining.
Quit whining? When did this ever happen?

We'll just ask for a REAL REAL dreadnought that combines superior firepower with good maneuverability. If I don't beat up a Borg Cube within 5 seconds and win 15:0 in FvK (as Fed), the ship isn't good enough.

Seriously, dreadnought or battleship is meaningless. It has to be balanced against all other tier 5 ships. If you want more firepower, you have to take away survivability and support abilities, or you just created a ship that's overpowered.

The best thing Cryptic could do is fix the existing Galaxy Dreadnought. Add a weapon slot or reduce the Phaser Lance cooldown, and they might have a ship that's fully comparable to other tier 5 ships, but feels more focused on battle.