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Originally Posted by Valdore66 View Post
Magnis, I do agree with many of your points, and although I personally don't want a federation battleship, as mentioned previously, the fact remains that the federation is currently in conflict with several enemies . . . What happened in the history of naval vessels? Well, we started out with exploration and trading ships, the same as with land exploration, but what was the first thing most nations did when they found an enemy, or a potential enemy, they created warships, battleships, weapons to defend themselves with. Thinking down this route then, what would humanity's natural instinct be when faced with this many conflicts? Particularly when they are against some pretty powerful forces? I reckon the federation creating a battleship class wouldn't be quite that far fetched as some die hard fans might believe it to be.

However, given that this is the federation, such a vessel would be made, knowing that it had a limited lifetime as a battleship, once the need for it disappeared, they would either retire them, or more likely refit them for exploration, or some other purpose. Just because it hasn't happened before, doesn't mean it can't happen, at the end of the day, the game is writing the canon now, and as far as I remember, I don't think the federation has had this many enemies at once before.

That said, I would prefer a fleet support vessel as I mentioned previously, it fits the image of the federation better, they don't send single vessels in to deal with threats, they send small fleets that can combat most threats to defend an area. Or they send a single vessel that is capable of defending itself against most small threats to explore new areas. It just isn't the right feel for the federation to have a carrier type vessel, or something that is the equivalent of a Borg cube. Sure, in STO single vessels can take on borg cubes alone, it's difficult, but it's possible. But watch First Contact and you'll see that Borg cubes used to be a pretty big threat, that required tactical thinking and a fleet to defeat. And to be perfectly honest, I can't think of any other vessels out there that really fit the battleship description within Star Trek, it just isn't the feel of the series to have vessels like that, shoving a sovereign into contested territory is enough to get most races antsy about whether you're preparing for a conflict, let a lone a full blown battleship.

like i said before the federation did not have battleship because of ideals. The borg is and has always been the most dangerous threat to the federation beyond all other threats. I understand you wanting to compare the federation to us. but thats the wrong mind set. we are not the federation. two different sides of the coin. think out of the box rather then trying to build large ships. the federation is not about large ships but ships with purpose. after the defiant look how the federation became agile and modern. They didnt want big ships but ships with a surpose and survivability. a big ship means a big huge target. easy to assimilate and give massive drones. the galaxy has a capacilty of 1000 persons. Think about it people. the larger the ship the more persons you need and that is not something starfleets wants or needs.