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11-29-2010, 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by RStoney View Post
Okay - as one of the players that has experienced this..... From the Kling side - let me give you a little input.

1)No, it wasn't a hack I was trying. It was a log-out (from Fed) log back in to Klingon character, and the servers dropped me back in Fed space. Why ? Dunno. Don't care. And this was NOT tribble - it was Holodeck.

2)Yes, I flew around Sirius sector. I beamed into SOL, and paid Quinn a visit. And soon as the roving Security teams seen me, they fired on me immediately. Even if I just stood in the corner and did nothing. I took two steps in Quinn's office, and that was enough to aggro several NPCs.

3)yes - you can kill the NPCs on ESD. But you better not wake up the Security patrols.

4)Yes, you can target and kill NPC ships in Starbase 24 action. The Klingon fleet treats you like a brother!

5)Yes - I kept screen-shots. They are on our fleet's website. And yes...we had fun with it.

6)Yes, it apparently p.o'ed a few people. How dare I ? Simple - a gift for tinkering was given to me somehow, and I - ever the curious one - took it. If you are looking for an apology, you are gonna wait a long long long time. I didn't hack this together in any way shape or form, but not going to pass up an outstanding chance to learn some game-dynamics when presented to me !!
Sounds like fun, for an unentional bug. I would love to see those screen shots.
Good Lord, just how wasted is the dog in your avatar?

Originally Posted by Windleaf View Post
This isn't suckfoot WoW. This whole endeaver for a Tribble Test weekend FAILED, thanks to this bug & no one around to handle it.
Wow, you mean no one was able to test at all, all weekend?!?