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Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Is (BASE + (SI x (STAT/100) ) x (WPOW/50) still the equation for determining weapon dammage?
The folowing is quoted from "the engines canna take it".
Originally Posted by BigBadB View Post
Damage Calculations
Based on the testing Iíve done so far, the damage of your weapons appears to be calculated as follows:

1.Your captainís total Stat Bonus for the weapon is applied as a percentage to the Standard Issue damage of the weapon
2.This is added to the base damage of the weapon
3.For energy weapons, the total damage is then modified by +2% for every point of weapon power over 50 or -2% for every point of weapon
This is the current damage displayed on the dynamic weapon tooltips on your hotbar or in the weapons tray, and for the mathematically-inclined can be summarised as:

(Base + (SI x Stat/100)) x (WPow/50)

Where Base is the base damage of the weapon, SI is the Standard Issue damage of the weapon type, Stat is the total Stat Bonus and WPow is the current weapon power level.
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
For example, it's confusing that ... weapons scale differently at different power levels.
Okay, I've been hesitant to comment because I didn't want to discourage people who have put in lots of effort to research the underlying mechanics of our game. But we have a problem. Either BigBadB's formula is obsolete, or Nagorik's charts include some form of error. This is because the formula we have can not produce results that scale differently at different power levels.

Since no powers are being used in the testing Stat = 0 and the middle factor drops out of the equation, leaving us: Damage = Base x (WPow/50). The base is thus modified by +/- 2% per point of power. So at power = 50 damage = base, and with power = 51 then damage = 1.02 x base, etc.

There is no way for this ratio to change as the power level increases. Each point of power will be worth 2% of the base regardless of whether it is the 100th point of power or the 125th point. Therefore any graph this formula produced would have exactly the same shape at 100 points as at 125 points and only differ in scale.

So either the devs have thrown us a fast one and changed things, or perhaps simply bugged it, or Nagorik has made an error in math. If Nagorik's data is correct (hard to know without the raw data and an undergrade degree in statistics) then we need a new formula. If the formula is correct, then I can suggest a possible mistake.

Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
Even though the inventory damage rating is technically set at 50 energy, from this point forward, I'm going to refer to 100 weapon energy as delivering full damage. It's easy to envision 100 as being "100% damage"
Easy to envision, perhaps, but it might have led to this mistake. If you arbitrarily assign 100 as the new unit value and call it 100%, then it would be very easy to mistakenly call 125 power 125%, because 25 extra points of power is a 25% increase over 100. However 25 points of power is a 50% increase over 50, and 50 is the point you must use for comparison because only at 50 power is damage equal to base. Anything else will skew the numbers. It's a common enough mistake.

Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
To be honest the whole thing is kind of a nightmare, because running individual tests is a very inefficient way of actually figuring anything out, but without the actual source code from the game it's hard to come up with something that models the results.
Assuming the formula is correct, and other factors like range or the recycle issues that Nagorik makes note of do not have any relevant effect, then weapon power would work like this:

- Discount the power drain of the firing weapon and total the rest. Remembering the cap at 135, you subtract the total weapon drain from your power level. (Note the post regarding the behaviour of beam overload for this slight variation). This gives you your effective power level. Subtract 50 from this level, then double the number. This is how much percentage bonus your weapon has while all the others are firing. Apply this bonus to the base. Do this individually for each weapon and total the results.

Of course if the formula is wrong then we have to go back to researching base numbers or cracking the source code. Neither do I have time for, so I leave it to others. Perhaps Nagorik could post his raw numbers. But currently the charts and the formula are incompatible.

And I can't say how sorry that makes me.