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11-29-2010, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by Ashter
I don't see why a mission made on Tribble can't be ported over to Holodeck, this isn't a character that you artificially inflated to VA with 1000000 mill credits.

They are two different servers, often with different codebases most of the time; thus porting may not be a trivial process, and although I'm not in the closed beta; what I've seen 'leaked' is that all the files are stored server side (which FYI was NOT the case with the 'City of Heroes' Mission Architect' although that was made by former Cryptic people who remained with NCSoft after Cryptic proper sold the property off); meaning you probably can't just copy some files between directories (which you could do with the CoX MA.)

But, we'll know for sure one way or the other once the Foundry tools hit their open beta phase.