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11-29-2010, 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
It took you longer to type that little flame than to respond with something thoughtful.
I don't consider it a flame as much as just an honest response to your question, also writing an entire proposal to replace yours, addressing various reasons why I disagree with your proposal would take far longer than my previous post - I don't think I can do that in less than a minute, sorry. But to elaborate further since you don't seem to be getting the point I have made previously:

I am not interested in discussing this proposal, that by the point it is 'fixed', it would bare very little similarities to the original. It would become an entirely different proposal and thus unrelated to the original proposal. I have no interest in writing out a new proposal relating to most of the matters brought up in this thread, I only wished to raise that this player does not approve of this proposal. Of course, I would need to address why each point involved in the original post is wrong in the original and have what I consider, "pointless bickering over semantics".

I hope this answer satisifies you.