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Glad I could help Chonkov and Arakim!
Originally Posted by Arakim View Post
...Can someone please tell me what the maintenance skills are for? do they affect power transfer rates, or is it just recovering from power loss...?
The Maintenance Skills help various Captain, BO, and Ship abilities. They have nothing directly to do with PTR or Power Levels, though they may affect abilities that do help those stats. You can click the Maintenance skill directly, or press P for Powers (while in System Space) and browse your existing abilities, to see what affects what.

Here is a list of the Maintenance Skills and the abilities they improve:

Starship Auxiliary Maintenance
  • Aux to SIF (Eng BO)
  • Emergency Power to Aux (Eng BO)
  • Engineering Fleet (Eng Captain)
  • Launch {Side} BoP (KDF Carrier)
  • Nadion Inversion (Eng Captain)

Starship Engine Maintenance
  • Engineering Team (Eng BO)
  • EPS Power Transfer (Eng Captain)
  • Fleet Support (All Captains)
  • Launch {Side} BoP (KDF Carrier)
  • Launch {Side} To'Duj Fighters (KDF Carrier)
  • Miracle Worker (Eng Captain)
  • Photonic Fleet (Sci Captain)
  • This skill also increases your ship's innate Hull Repair Rate.

Starship Shield Maintenance
  • Emergency Power to Shields (Eng BO)
  • Photonic Fleet (Sci Captain)
  • Reverse Shield Polarity (Eng BO)
  • Rotate Shield Frequency (Eng Captain)

Starship Weapon Maintenance
  • Aceton Field (Eng BO)
  • Directed Energy Modulation (Eng BO)
  • Emergency Power to Weapons (Eng BO)
  • Fleet Support (All Captains)
So if you have any of the above Captain, BO, or Ship abilities, you can improve them by improving their Maintenance skill. Clearly the Maintenance skills are most important to Engineer Captains and BOs, as you'd expect.

This list isn't complete. It is just what I've documented while using my handful of characters.

Edit: Maintenance skills get asked about a lot, so I've linked this info to the OP.