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11-29-2010, 12:19 PM
FYI, I don't represent Cryptic, I'm just another STO player.

If you purchased your ship successfully, you're going to have to look into your starship selection screen in a shipyard and see any ship you don't recognize. Also, any ship purchased (or redeemed) successfully from the C-Store automatically goes to the player's respective captain's empty ship slot.

For characters ranked Rear Admiral Lower Half and above, can have more than one Tier 5 Starship but not the same type of starship (e.g. can't have two assault cruisers at the same time). Also, Defiant Refit, Galaxy Refit, and Intrepid Refit ships are purchasable after achieving the rank of Vice Admiral.

Eight ship slots is normally the limit for any captain with the rank of Rear Admiral Lower Half and above, (unless you have earned the 200-Days Veteran Reward, all your captains gain an additional ship slot, which increases the ship slots to nine for Rear Admiral Lower Half ranks and above). You can tell your captain have an empty ship slot if your character has a greyed-out ship slot when your selecting a ship from the starship selection screen in a shipyard.

If your ship slots are occupied, you have other options. You may have to decommission a ship from your chracter to get that excelsior retrofit (I recommend one of your older ships or any ship you don't want to keep). Also, you may be interested in buying additional ship slots from the C-Store service tab (but it'll work for one character at a time).

Hope this helps.