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11-29-2010, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by Valias
...if you mean continueing where we left off and discovering what was hinted at concerning the masters behind the Fek'ihri (Hurq comeback?), that would feel more appropriate. But I wouldn't want to see KDF content get turned into some sort of "Fantasy version of Star Trek" or "Dungeons & Dragons with disruptors".
I do indeed mean to continue and conclude that arc with an STF chain (2 Fek'liri/Hurq themed STFs).

While I do understand the risk, I doubt a single STF chain would turn us too far into a Fantasy race. In fact I think the fact that they have made the Fek'liri a real foe of the Empire moves the mythology into history, and can be built upon to update the tale with a more technology-driven theme.

Truth be told, my goal behind this request is more focused on someday incorporating something other than the Borg STF visual sets currently being prepared, and expand set bonus STF gear to include Fek'liri ones, adding Fek'liri touches to Klingon ship looks rather than Borg ones. It adds both a Klingon-centric mission goal possibility (Honor, Glory, and Conquest) and frankly finishes what I feel is an unfinished arc.

The MU mentioning was nothing more than an attempt to deny any Blueside interloper the "no fair" ammunition. I don't care what it becomes, just acknowledging something could be brought to that side at a later date, so long as we get something first for once (a faction-specific STF).

I'd simply prefer we have the ability to assemble a Fek'liri gearset over a Borg or Undine one.