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11-29-2010, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Malcivious
EDIT: BTW, any word on if Mission Replay (planned for Season 3) will allow us to get the Efficient Engine?
I would have to say "yes". I replayed that particular mission on the current Tribble build and received it, so unless they specifically remove it, I'm assuming it'll be there.
Ah yes, the Tribble Replay does allow you to replay the Past Imperfect mission and get the Efficient Impulse Engines Mk IV, which is sweet! And if you're a TOS nut, there's a new Mission Reward available for Past Imperfect: you'll be able to get a TOS Type 1 Phaser (Uncommon Ground Weapon). Not as good as the TOS weapons from the Devidian Featured Episode Night of the Comet, but neat from a TOS Trekkie point of view. A real Fan will be able to replay Night of the Comet several times and outfit their whole away team with TOS weaponry. Looks great when you deck your Team out in TOS unis too (Don't have TOS unis? Get 'em for free: Click Here).
Edit: Sometime around the end of December 2010 this promotion finally ended.

How cool is that?!?

Anyway, sorry to get Off Topic. Now back to your regularlly scheduled Power discussions...