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11-29-2010, 05:02 PM
Originally Posted by D-Rek View Post
if i promise not to act like a FED NOOB, and kill vendors, throw breen ice grenades and spam fire eqstuingisher...


i really dont want to do much but blast federation vessels!


i'd rather raid Mars!!!

can you guys make an earth zone like Mars shipyards that Klignons can raid!

we promise we wont kill vendors!!!

but while we're on the subject of idoitic players...

can we ban feds from Ganalda Dabo???
all they do is run in and spam the klingon Dabo players with breen grenades!

better yet... can we raid DS9 Dabo and spam THEM with breen grenades?

and why do feds get their own dabo table AND get access to klingon dabo at Ganalda???
why dont the klingons get their own Dabo table free from feddie fire extuingisher spam?

i like this thread... it's incredibly insane and obsurd!
lol and tyvm ^_^

In all honestly I have seen Klinks on ESD, I wouldn't mind them being able to visit. I can see in the future KDF and Feds mixing more and more based on the current trend.