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11-29-2010, 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
The reason they are doing this is to prevent code hacking (which was possible with the City of Heroes Mission Architect because many of the MA script files were stpred locally on the players PC; and honestly thie script was pretty easy to follow and figure out if you had any scripting or programing knowledge. The fact they are keeping strict control over the files by storing them server side (thus controlling unathorized access) actually gives me hope that the Foundry WILL NOT become the exploited cesspool the COx MA devolved into.

But, because of this design decision, I don't thinl local Foundry file storage is on their 'future feature list' - and again, I appluad that decision.
Uhm... where did you hear this exactly? Because in all my time playing COH, including working on Architect stuff, I never once heard of this happening. Especially since I have edited missions in text-file format before; and every single time I've done so if even one tiny thing were out of place: Bam, mission would not load.

As I recall, exploits in Architect were almost entirely of the "I built a map with nothing but easy to kill high/XP mobs" types - which were easy to create even with just the regular GUI; no need for text editing or hacking of any sort.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but given the amount of time I've played that game, I find this claim rather... questionable.

Which isn't to say they don't have a good reason to store data on their servers; but again, the original point stands that I want to be able to work on more missions than just the publishable limit; as if I've only got the limited slots I would need to delete old work to make room for new; which is just flat out a bad idea. Like needing to delete a character to create a new one. (Obviously the problem is alleviated if we can buy extra slots, but we have no confirmation on that capability, and even then it'd be nice to have a stable of work we can do that's larger than just what's published.)