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11-29-2010, 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by Blyn
mmk, so i was reading one of the MMO news sites covering UGC in STO and there was concern over whether it was FAIR for devs to implement a feature that was essentially charging people a monthly sub to develop content for them.

yeeeea, i don't think that's happening, the devs won't head to the beach once UGC comes out...
(they can't... dev skin vaporizes on contact with sunlight)
some guy in Texas with a $139 tricorder replica won't be crafting our weekly episodes on a Mountain Dew fueled fanfic spree
(he'll be in the Cryptic office)
BUT i think there will always be the possibility that someone will create something so kick-ass that the devs will integrate it into the game
(like a sticky... in the forum of our hearts...)
Sooo if this situation comes to pass would the creators get a lil sum'n sum'n? like C-Moneys?

I used to run a Star Trek roleplay group on SL, with our own region, and builds. I've already seen some content alluded to here(it's no surprise that at least one person at Cryptic was aware of our presence). There is nothing legally wrong with Cryptic doing this, as we do not own the Star Trek IP. We are allowed to create stories and such within their IP because we don't get a profit, and it is protected speech. But, simply because they are based off of the Star Trek IP, we do not have ownership.

I cannot write a book based in the Star Trek universe and sell it without the IP holder's consent. I cannot sue when they use a similar story(though, I have seen situations where you could claim writer's royalties when it comes to on screen episodes).