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11-29-2010, 07:53 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
the excelsior, i believe is not automatically added to your shipyard (although check there first) but i think its just makes it free to buy from the female NPC above the shipyard. you just buy it like you would any new tier ship. (except its free and does not need Energy credits)
First off, any new (faction-specific) ship purchased successful from the C-Store is automatically added to your character (the same character who "purchased" the ship). Since any C-Store ship purchase is account-wide, you can redeem the ship again for your character (if you decommission the same purchased ship) or other characters who meet the faction-specific and rank requirements.

The Excelsior that you buy from Lt. Laurel (the female NPC from Ship Requisition above Earth Spackdock's Shipyard) is NOT free, and it requires energy credits to buy it (ship tokens doesn't work with this ship) . The Excelsior that you can buy from Lt. Laurel is the Tier 3 version (Advanced Heavy Cruiser), not the Tier 5 version (Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit) from the C-Store. Anyway, Lt. Laurel doesn't sell the Tier 5 Excelsior regardless of having purchased it from the C-Store.

A few weeks back, I purchased the Excelsior retrofit. It works like a charm, quite differently from that of an Assault Cruiser or Star Cruiser.