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11-29-2010, 08:04 PM
Originally Posted by captain_quack
why wouldnt you want everyone to play your missions? after all the work you put into it you wouldnt want people to enjoy it? i dont understand that.
I can understand it... Let's say that I'm my fleet's content writer. My content will serve to provide my fleet with structured regular activities to participate in. Sort of an on-going story arc that involves specific characters and locations with story elements that people who aren't in the fleet may not "get" because the humor or esoteric banter would require being in-the-know.

Missions written with one's fleet in mind would likely be written differently from those intended for "everyone".

Before publishing a UGC mission, a filter for public, fleet, or private deployment would be a useful tool. Public would obviously be for everyone. Fleet would be for anyone in the same fleet as the author, and private would be anyone the author specifically designates the mission for.