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11-29-2010, 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by devast8tor View Post
Ah! How could I forget about ????? I suppose that's what happens when you take the direct route.

The one additional comment I would add would be to kindly request that all Foundry feedback in the forums be directed to the Foundry sub-forum instead of here.
The in-game feedback is very intuitive and very helpful when you go into the Creation Mode - showing scores and feedback for a mission. This allows you to read the latest reviews and fix problem areas of a mission from the editor. Someone can leave feedback about a typo (feedback that only you'll see) and you can change it.

This means missions with problems (ones that wouldn't require reporting) can be easily fixed.
See a typo? Leave feedback with the error.

Was a mission objective confusing? Leave feedback.

Did it conflict with the canon of Animated Series Season 1 Episode 3 depiction of the giant space cloud heading to Mantilles? I'm not touching this issue and I hope people can suspend their disbelief.