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11-29-2010, 10:42 PM
Originally Posted by DaveyNY View Post
If you are that dissatisfied with the game...,

Why the heck are you still here playing it?

Sounds like you're wasting your money to me.

Even though that's your option if you wish.

On second thought, keep paying... I love what your money is doing for the game.
I'm not paying. My sub ran out last month. I am now waiting to see what the deal is with the Foundry to decide whether or not I should even continue following it here on the forums.

The new Sector Space gives me hope that the game could, one day, become something I would pay to play, but if I want it to get to that point, I have to tell them what I think needs to be there to be worth my money. They're not mind readers, and I'm not able to telepathically control them into making the game I like nor am I an omnipotent being capable of snapping the game I want into existence. That means commenting here on things which are important to me. Sorry if that bothers you so very much.