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11-30-2010, 04:02 AM
Originally Posted by richander View Post
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You made two huge errors.

First, the weapon power isn't a constant, While reading the guide (and while playing the game DOH) you should have noticed that weapon power is only constant for the first salve and for a rather limited amount of weapons before 'drain' sets in.
After that you need empirical data because we don't have the means to figure out the exact amount of weapon power each weapon is firing on.

Second, Base x (WPow/50):

100 (Nagorak's arbirtary choice) = Base x (100/50)
100 = Base x 2
100 / 2 = Base
50 = Base

Damage (125wp) = Base x (125/50)
Damage = 50 x 2,5
Damage = 125


The first error is something understandable, the second one however makes me feel ashamed for you