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11-30-2010, 04:23 AM
my thinking exactly, if they offered the items on tribble for free, no one would use holodeck, people would just copy over thier char. and just use tribble, not buy anything on the c-store, profits would fall, not to mention the whole point of tribble would be void and we would have more people complaining about bugs, population, and anything else that goes wrong seing as they would not think the tribble server as a test server anymore. and then we wouldn't have a true test server and all testing would be done in-house on thier private test servers.

T-child: tell me, would you buy under garments after someone tried them on?

there are things in life you just shouldn't or wouldn't do...

this is one of those things, cryptic would loose profits and the game would suffer and therefore so would we in the end.