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11-30-2010, 04:44 AM
I kinda dig the complexities of your team level v debuff level mechanic. That might be interesting but I'm concerned it would be a nightmare to implement. Would the debuffs still be stronger at higher ranks? With regards to a low level team skill against a high level debuff, maybe instead of a strip it should reduce remaining activation time by those percentages?

Any kind of Sub Nuc immunity would also need to prevent another user from even using it on the immune person so as to avoid wasting it. I don't believe that any other skill, particularly one with such a long cool down, could become so very useless or easily wasted. Any severe nerf would certainly need to be met with a significantly shorter cool down. If fewer were stripped then there should be a mechanic to allow you to determine which are removed.

I feel, like many, that sub nuc is even more necessary right now because of the ease with which people can reach simultaneously high resists. The perceived increase in the prevalence of Science captains is a symptom of these insane resists. If resists are managed a bit more reasonably then maybe Sub Nuc won't feel like such a necessity.

Removing, reducing, or even just applying a smaller cool down to all abilities wouldn't be too awful but even that should result in a reduction in Sub Nuc's own cool down and should still remove all buffs, in my opinion.