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11-30-2010, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by DogsBody
I would assume (I don't have a programmable keyboard so don't know for sure) that if your Logitec lets you program multiple key presses to a single key, you could setup similar commands to the key binds mentioned in this thread. If you can make it have a small pause between sending each one of the multiple key commands then you could avoid the problems people have where binding multiple commands to a key results in some of those actions not firing reliably and thus having to spam the same keypress.

Additionally, if you can set up a key to auto repeat, you could for instance set up a re-distribute shields key, so that once you press it it sends that command every second or two until you press it again = auto re-distributing shields.
Yes this is what I'm doing. I have one auto - shield heal, and one auto-hull heal. I've inserted pauses in the up and down pressing of the keys, and also am careful to stagger activation of the cycles, so I don't run into a bottle neck. If I select a team mate, they will benefit from the heals depending on where I am in the cycle.

I'm just wondering if there are any latency issues doing it through a keyboard as opposed to using key binds.