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11-30-2010, 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by vincire View Post
I've participated in a handful of PvP matches. The Klingon side was heavily populated by carriers and of course they killed all of us. I'll never again PvP in STO.
Translation: "My PvE build couldn't hold it's own against a bunch of PvPers.. WAAAAA!!!"

Fighting Carrier swarms is not like fighting swarms in PvE, and it's not supposed to be. PvP is a whole different animal, it requires a different build, different tactics, and above all teamwork.

You can't solo in PvP, and builds that work against scripted NPCs with 4-6 abilities aren't going to cut it vs a thinking human being with dozens of options at his beck and call.

Let me tell you about the first time I tested my Carrier hunting build. I used my VA Science Officer in my Magellan/Nebula hybrid. I re-specced, maximizing my AoE skills and retrained my Boffs to use them, things like Photonic Shock Wave, Gravity Well, Eject Warp Plasma, & Scramble Sensors.

I threw in some powers to keep me alive and resist any Science Powers they might throw at me (since the Carrier is the closest thing to a Science Vessel the KDF had at the time, this was before the Veranus was added). Powers like Science Team, Polarize Hull & Engineering Team.

I made my Tactical officers specialize in Dispersal pattern Beta and Beam Fire at Will, I also retrained and re-equipped for Plasma Weapons for the DoT.

And then I found a helpful KDF Carrier Pilot to test with. At first things didn't go so well, I would spam my AoE powers from far off, and his spawns would come to me, evading most of their effects. He used Hazard Emitters, so he was constantly wiping the plasma fires I was setting. I would try and use Scramble Sensors to turn his pets against him, he would wipe with Science Team.

I would try this, he would counter with that, etc.. It repeated for awhile, then I got smart. I started pre-planning the order of how I would use my powers, open up with Jam Sensors, he would wipe with Science Team, then I would hit him in rapid order with Subnucleonic Beam and Scramble Sensors, since he'd used his Science team for Jam Sensors, he couldn't wipe them, and my SNB would lengthen the time until be able to use it again. I would then start on the AoE powers close in, hitting Evasive Maneuvers to create a circle of Warp Plasma around him and the pets, laying plasma mines in the large net caused by DPB. Then I would spam BFaW with my Plasma Beams, and his pets would all just die.

A quick Photonic shock wave to push him into any mines and Warp Plasma left over after the pets, and he was hurting. I would mash Engineering Team and Polarize hull, and I was good to go again. Had I been in a team, he would have been toast. Of course, had he been in a team vs me trying to solo him, I would have been toast. But we were both solo, so around that time his abilities and swarms stopped their cool-down, and the whole process started again.

You have to change your tactics and build for PvP, especially if you want to hunt Carriers. They're not overpowered, you simply haven't tried hard enough. And guess what? PvP combat is like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you'll get. Expecting to win easily the first time, or even sometime in the first dozen times, is unrealistic.