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11-30-2010, 07:50 AM
Stealing Federation tech seems right up the alley of the mirror universe Terrans. (I reject the notion that they could've actually developed all the exact same ships in use by Starfleet based on the blueprints of the Defiant alone.) Your thieves might be mirror agents, prime universe sympathizers (Maquis-esque types, helping their previously oppressed doubles to never be oppressed again) or victims of blackmail like Sisko was. And they wouldn't have to steal quite so many actual components. Nothing as basic as conduits or plating anyway.

So you're put in contact with a Federation shipyard administrator by Starfleet Intelligence. He's become aware someone's been breaking into the shipyard computers, but can't trust his own security staff to investigate. You do some running around a space-station type map, doing a bit of non-combat investigating, until you figure out who it is. Whatsisface makes a run for it and locks him or herself in a storage bay, giving you a few doors to shoot down, with maybe some turrets in between, and you can get there just in time to watch your suspect beam out.

You do too and pursue the runabout he's escaping on. Lets say he flies into the local starship graveyard. Now you have to go around scanning derelicts looking for the shuttle. Here I'd go with two options, if the system allows for it. One, you locate the shuttle and beam to the ship it's on, fighting the spy and his colleagues that have been hiding out on there, or Two, you take too long identifying the right ship. The moment you hit space, these derelicts all start powering up (like ships in the destroy-a-shipyard missions); Guess someone took their prefix codes. Now these are old ships, and no match for you in a conventional fight, but they'll be programmed to try and ram you. Only one of them won't, which'd be the one your badguy is on. Blow that one up and you're done. (The other derelicts wouldn't have anyone controlling them anymore.)