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11-30-2010, 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by Capulet View Post
lol and tyvm ^_^

In all honestly I have seen Klinks on ESD, I wouldn't mind them being able to visit. I can see in the future KDF and Feds mixing more and more based on the current trend.
well... the klingon and feds in the ST universe have always had an on-again off-again relationship.
like a creepy and disfunctional couple that are both socially 'tarded but are both too sexy to ignore.

they go to war, then the klingons realize the feds are the most honorable power besides themselves, and decide to spontaniously save them from doom...
and then they give the excuse "meh... we were bored and wanted to get in on a good fight... but you are arrogent and honorless, so you wouldnt understand"

then there is peace...

then they go to war, then the feds realise they really cant trust any one else in the galaxy, and klingons are actually capable of (if begrudgingly) an amazing amount of honor and compassion, and decide to extend an olive branch, or save them from a plague, or from romulans, or from starvation....
then they give the excuse "um... yeah... its in our charter... and besides we are more evolved then you, so you wouldnt even understand"

then there is peace...

then there is war...

and the klingons often hang out with their enemies on Qonos like nothing is wrong... even duting a bloody civil war.
and feds are always doing secret deals for the "greater good" even if the deals are with their enemies.

so its all a REALLY grey area...

but hey... its all canon... and it's ALL GOOD BABY!

the Devs have begum giving in and capitulating to the Klingon demands of more equality when compared to feds, and more sector space access...

so you will probably see more and more klingons in and around sector space!
and vice versa of course.
just look at ganalda....
its like one big argument/kiss-and-make-up session between the two empires!

but i think any klingons showing up in ESD and killing vendors or VIPS are probably BUGS, or Devs having a blast! (because they can)

i think most klingons just want to cloak up and explore feddie space so they can annoy and giggle at feds.
maybe some of us want to cause a little michief... but not killing vendors or being a true pest.
(i.e.shhhh... we're cloaked... you can't see us HEHEHEH)

all i know is that in order to hang out with my feddie freinds i had to roll a toon on the fed side that was an exact duplicate of my main klingon toon.
and then level him up to VA.

that seems kind of a waste now that i find out others are sneaking into earth space dock with their klingons...

how come i can't smeak in ?!?!!?
i'll be good... i promise... kinda