Thread: Dare I ask?
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11-30-2010, 12:48 PM
To be fair you cannot be too harsh on people who are paying for what right is becoming a dated MMORPG to a lot of people very fast for loosing their patience with Foundry. Whilst i appreciate their are bugs to be had, and this takes time to fix, the paying customer has every right to get their panties in a twist, if they keep having to hear what can fairly be stated as the "next excuse"

Would you accept a service if it continued to be late, even if it was likely to be a quality product? More to the point would appreciate having to pay for it.

I'm all for giving Cryptic Slack, but we should give the customer slack too, and so far all people want is something to wet their appetite. A video, screenshot, something detail in the information, SOMETHING for their patience.

So far it;s been a lot of give on the customers part in this, it's time for Crypic to offer at least something back, even if it isn't Foundry.