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11-30-2010, 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by UFP-Magnis View Post
... a big ship means a big huge target. easy to assimilate and give massive drones. the galaxy has a capacilty of 1000 persons. Think about it people. the larger the ship the more persons you need and that is not something starfleets wants or needs.
If i remember correctly and see straight, there is a piece of information in the loading screens about how "holographic crew members are now implemented" which would explain the "tribblelike-breeding" of the crew count on starships. If that were the case only the captain and the main officers would be real living creatures, which would negate the borgs ability to assimilate thousands of real crew members which makes sense i think.

In light of that, Vote Typhoon and maybe undine too =P
Possible Loadout of Phoon (quote POSSIBLE so calm down flammers)
-4 fore weapons
-3 aft (maybe 4)

-LT Tac
-COM Engy
-LTC Universal (maybe)
-LT Sci

and maybe a ensign something if there wasnt a universal or only 3 weapons aft