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I played the demo today and it made me create an account on Cryptic's website etc. I like the name of the character along with ship's name. And after playing the demo. I decided to give this game a shot, so I bought the Deluxe Key.

I had originally exited the game in sector map mode. And now when I log in, I can't anywhere outside or do anything besides fly the shape around the sector map.

It says Can't transfer Character.

So If I delete my character and create a new one. Will I still get to make two characters in this deluxe account. Or will I lose the name and ship name. I really want to keep my character's name and ship name. Its funny and I like it. This is my first time ever playing any kind of MMO.

I had submitted a trouble ticket regarding this issue.

But could it be the character was a demo account character?

Any help would be appreciated.