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Originally Posted by cocoa-jin View Post
I figured it was the norm, but I had some people say they dont know what Im talking about.

Its not much of a problem when I use them offensivly....but when I'm trying to use them defensivly, it would sometimes be critical which command popped first. Perhaps not so much now, bu in the days of uber burst(1.5 -2 secs from first weapon impact to death), it meant the difference between gettinga shield arc up and re-gened before thw HYT salvo salmmed into my hull, or having the other skills going, but with a dead shield arc...I coul dalmost see my hull fold in around the impacts, right before I popped.

Now that I'm back in BoP, Its even more critical that my defense pop as intended...because whatever I have is designed to last just long enough to get me out of a pinch.
I have found that on large-ish keybinds (4 or more commands) that you may have to juggle the abilities in use around abit within the slots being used in the KB to get a near perfect use.

example: (old KB)
/bind space "+TrayExecByTray 1 0 $$ +TrayExecByTray 1 1 $$ +TrayExecByTray 1 2 $$ +TrayExecByTray 0 6 $$ +TrayExecByTray 0 7 $$ GenSendMessage HUD_Root FireAll $$ +Power_Exec Distribute_Shields "

I found that even though I set the keybind up to cycle through tray 2 / slots 1 thru 3 and slots 7 & 8, when used the KB would activate slot 1 then slot 3 and skip slot 2 until about the 5th keypress of the spacebar. I switched the powers in slot 3 with slot 2 and suffered no more miss-use of abilities.
Evidently the cooldown system in STO can wreck havoc with keybinding and make some powers not respond as needed. Also I found that if you keep the keybinds shorter (1-4 abilities) it can help with miss-used abilities as well.

Unfortunately keybinding is not a exact science or works perfectly at all times.

Originally Posted by DogsBody
Sorry, not that I'm aware of. I don't think its possible to keybind other keys into a keybind in STO.
Not an expert KB'er though, so maybe someone has figured it out.