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12-01-2010, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by Badfishy
You can buy as many as you like at earth space dock, but like the other person said you will get loads whilst leveling up for free too.
Well, not as many as you like. You are limited by the amount of Starfleet Merits you have to spend.

Originally Posted by Naevius
Go to Personnel, first NPC (from anti-clockwise). You can buy new BOs for EC100.
Note: These BOffs are all Common rarity, but you can choose any class you want.
Secondary Note: This is currently the only location where you can get Female Aliens in the form of Female Unknown species BOffs. All of the Aliens that are rewarded during leveling are Male, which means that all of the Aliens that are on the Exchange are also Male. This is something that the devs need to fix at some point.